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Equality and Diversity

We believe diversity is great for Bournemouth, and we have commitments to equal opportunities. However, we know policies may affect our communities in different ways

Equality and Diversity

We want everyone to have equal opportunities. The Corporate Equality and Diversity policy explains our commitments.

Diversity Monitoring

We use diversity monitoring to learn about Bournemouth's communities, and to fix any problems they may be facing.

Equality Act 2010

It is against the law to treat someone unkindly because of their gender, race, sexual orientation or disability.

Equality Impact Needs Assessments

We challenge assumptions that policies affect everyone in the same way. There may be equality issues that are being overlooked.

Our Equality Duties

We follow the Public Sector Equality Duty to prevent discrimination.

Service Equality Action Plans

We make Service Equality Action Plans to improve equal opportunities in our service areas.



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